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Thank you for your interest in the Education for Life Academy (EFLA). We are extremely proud to present our long-awaited 
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants online Black history curriculum. We promise you an educational experience that will transform your thinking and deepen your understanding of Africa and people of African descent in world history.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers Black history from the origins of human life to the contemporary period. By engaging students through an exploration of primary source documents, EFLA's Standing on the Shoulders of Giants curriculum brings Black history to life!

 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
"Teach & Learn" Black History Curriculum
​Specialized Teaching Guides and Study Guides that incorporate digital archives, free online books and documentaries, music, slideshows, and links to other Black history websites...
Consists of nearly 80% primary source documents including interviews, personal correspondence, congressional testimony, speeches, photographs, newspaper articles and more...
Comprehensive study that begins in Ancient Africa rather than American slavery…The curriculum covers the entire African Diaspora, not just African-American history.
Temple of Rameses II, Abu Simbel, Nubia
Specially designed for the classroom or the home... for teachers, parents, or
independent study.

The self-guided curriculum consists of 10 Units with over 100 lesson plans. It requires no prior training or knowledge of Black history and no additional books or material Our Teaching Guides equip teachers, parents and mentors with ample
resources and activities to teach our 60-90 minute classes like a seasoned educator. Our Study Guides provide students with focus questions, learning objectives, suggestions for further study and easy online access to all reading and viewing material. The guides are also perfect for those taking the curriculum for independent study.

We invite you to sample the curriculum for yourself and begin your journey toward enlightenment, for knowledge is truly power! 

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