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- Marian Wright Edelman
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Unit 1 examines the African origins of modern humans (homo sapiens) 200,000 years ago, to the fall of the Ancient Egyptian empire to the Greeks in 323 BCE. It traces the African origins of civilization in Ethiopia and beyond to the rise and fall of the Nile Valley civilizations of ancient Nubia and Egypt (Kemet). Students will analyze the African origins of ancient Egypt/Kemet – and the attempts to deny it – as well as Egypt’s relationship to Nubia, and the gifts these African civilizations gave to humanity.  With nearly a dozen free e-books, slideshows, images, documentaries, maps, timelines, and more, students will gain new insight on the invaluable contributions early African civilizations gave to humanity.

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​UNIT 1: Ancient Africa (200,000 B.C.E. – 476 A.C.E.)

FREE BONUS UNIT: The Politics of Education – Enlightenment or Propaganda? (4 CLASSES!)

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The Intro Unit analyzes the political nature of education as it relates to race. It investigates the African proverb, “It is the lion hunter who writes the lion’s history.” Students will explore the biased nature of education and how best to use education as a source of empowerment and ultimately liberation. It also examines the psychological effects of racism on both blacks and whites as demonstrated in the pioneering “Doll Test” by Kenneth and Mamie Clarke, and the “Brown Eye, Blue Eye Experiment” conducted by Jane Elliott. The Unit ends with several articles highlighting the successful conservative efforts to whitewash U.S. and world history textbooks and curricula in states like Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and beyond. 

The Intro Unit includes 4 classes (click for INTRO UNIT class list and full Overview). 
Pyramids of ancient Nubia
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