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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Curriculum
The self-guided Standing on the Shoulders of Giants curriculum is designed to provide anyone seeking a comprehensive study of Black history with the structure and primary source resources to do so. The curriculum requires absolutely no prior knowledge of African or African American history and is suitable for middle school and beyond. The entire curriculum and all of its components are online, so there are no outside resources you have to buy or carry around. All of the material is conveniently presented through our website and can be accessed with a smartphone. Included in these resources are over 3 dozen e-books, dozens of award-winning documentaries, access to government archives related to Black history, such as the National Archive's database of over 2,000 interviews of formerly enslaved Blacks and much, much more.

The curriculum contains 10 Units with over 100 classes. Each Unit contains several classes related to the Unit.  Each class and class assignment is limited to 1-1:30 hour. For each class there is a Teaching Guide for instructors that provides an overview of the class, learning objectives, quiz questions and answers based on the major ideas of the assignment, as well as supplementary material – virtually eliminating the need of outside lesson planning (an important feature for busy teachers and parents on the go). The curriculum also features special Study Guides for students that provide focus/study questions related to the assignment, biographies and supplemental material for further study as well.  

Africa is the birthplace of mankind, thus, Black history is the beginning of world history...

The curriculum begins with the origins of humankind in Africa and early Nile Valley civilizations and ends with the current era. It does not begin with slavery. This is what sets us apart from other Black history curricula. By teaching Black history from slavery, the grand achievements of African people are obscured and legitimacy is given to the charge that "Africans have no history."  

The Standing on the Shoulders of Giants curriculum contains nearly 80% primary-source documents including, vivid photographs and slideshows of ancient African monuments, sculptures and relics, translations of important hieroglyphics, interviews from formerly enslaved blacks, speeches by Black leaders (some live), newspaper articles and cartoons, government documents, African American testimony at congressional hearings, personal diaries and correspondence, music, maps, scholarly debates, documentaries with first-hand accounts of historical events, autobiographies, literature, resolutions from various conferences and much, much, more.  And all of this material is available to you online – at the click of a button! 

Unit 1   -  Ancient Africa
Unit 2   -  Pre-Colonial Africa
Unit 3   -  The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Unit 4   -  Slavery in the U.S.
Unit 5   -  Reconstruction and Post-

Unit 6   -  The Great Migration & Harlem
Unit 7   -  The Civil Rights Movement
Unit 8   -  The Black Power Movement
Unit 9   -  Post-Civil Rights Era
Unit 10 -  The Obama Era
The most dynamic Black history curriculum on the web! Features maps, timelines, bios, slideshows, documentaries, interviews and much more!
Quick 60-90 minute assignments and easy-to-follow Teaching Guides and lesson plans for busy teachers and parents on the go.
Fact-based curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards and supported by empirical evidence and primary source documents. 
Access to dozens of free 
e-books and award-winning documentaries, government archives, translations of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and more!
"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage need not be lived again."
- Dr. Maya Angelou 
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