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The Standing on the Shoulders of Giants "Teach & Learn" Black History Curriculum​​

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Unit 7: The Great Migration & The Harlem Renaissance (1916 – 1935)

Unit 7, Class 4: The Rise and Destruction of Black Wall Street

Black Wall Street
The Greenwood section of Tulsa, or Black Wall Street, was the richest Black community in the world in 1921. Black men and women owned cars and 6 rich Black men owned private airplanes!

Documentary: The Tulsa "Riot" of 1921

Black Wall Street
Black Wall Street was systematically burned down by the local government, KKK and ordinary White citizens. 
Study Questions

What incident (s) sparked the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921? What were the real motives behind the Tulsa Race Riot? 
What role did the local sheriff play in the Tulsa Riot of 1921? Who was responsible for ordering the air bombing “Black Wall Street?”
How many black people were murdered during the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921? What was the damage done to “Black Wall Street” and the black community of Tulsa?
What did the Oklahoma government do to the aid to blacks that was coming from other states? What lie did “embarrassed” city officials and clergymen present to the world regarding aid to blacks after the Massacre? 
How did the white Tulsa newspaper describe the Massacre?
What happened with the trial of Dick Rowland, the man responsible for attempting to rape the white elevator worker that sparked the riot?
What would have happened to whites who harbored blacks or tried to help defenseless blacks during the Massacre?