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The Standing on the Shoulders of Giants "Teach & Learn" Black History Curriculum​​

Specially designed for Parents, Teachers, Homeschool, or Independent Study, grades 5+

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History Lives!​

Intro Unit: The Politics of Education - Enlightenment or Propaganda

Intro Unit, Class 3: African History  – The Missing Pages Of World History

People to Know

Little Girl Has Perfect Answer For Woman Who Wondered Why She Wanted A Doll That Didnt Look Like Her (6:21 min)


1. Why did the cashier think that it was strange that the little white girl selected a black doll baby?

2. Why do you think the little 2 year old white girl didn't care about the color of the doll?

3. Do you think white people should only play with white dolls and black people should only play with black dolls? why or why not?

4. In your opinion, do white dolls look better than black dolls? why or why not? explain your answer.
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