Unit 1: Ancient Africa - The Cradle of Civilization
(200,000 B.C. - 476 B.C.)

Unit 1: Class 6: The Whitening of Ancient Kemet/Egypt

Slide Show: Hollywood Depictions of Ancient Egypt

The Whitening Of Ancient Egypt
​​In X-Men Apocalypse, the civilization of ancient Egypt is presumed to have been created by mutants or an alien race. The credit for ancient Egypt is never given to the Africans who created it, but always to others, even aliens.  
Study Questions
  • How do the Hollywood depictions compare to how the Ancient Egyptians portrayed themselves? 

  • Do these images confirm or dispel your previous conceptions of Ancient Egyptians? 

  • What role does race and racialization play in popular representations of Ancient Egyptians?  

  • What political purpose does the racialization of Ancient Egypt serve?