Unit 1: Ancient Africa - The Cradle of Civilization
(200,000 B.C. - 476 B.C.)

Unit 1: Class 7: Ancient Kemet (Egypt): Predynastic Period & The Old Kingdom (10,500 B.C. – 2,181 B.C.)

The Whitening Of Ancient Egypt

Slide Show: Ancient Kemet (Egypt): The Old Kingdom – the "Age of Pyramids" (3150 B.C. – 2181 B.C.)

Study Questions
  • How do the Hollywood depictions compare to how the Ancient Egyptians portrayed themselves? 

  • Do these images confirm or dispel your previous conceptions of Ancient Egyptians? 

  • What role does race and racialization play in popular representations of Ancient Egyptians?  

  • What political purpose does the racialization of Ancient Egypt serve?