Intro Unit: The Politics of Education - Enlightenment or Propaganda?

Intro Unit, Class 4: The Struggle Continues…The Ongoing Battle Against Racist Propaganda & Miseducation

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"Black Cop," by KRS One from the 1993 album CB4

KRS One - You Must Learn (from the album Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop, released 1989)

KRS-One (born Kris Parker) was the leader of Boogie Down Productions, one of the most influential hardcore hip-hop outfits of the '80s. At the height of his career, roughly 1987-1990, KRS-One was known for his furiously political and socially conscious raps, which is the source of his nickname, "the Teacher." Around the time of 1990's Edutainment, BDP's audience began to slip as many fans thought his raps were becoming preachy.

Intro Unit: Class List

INTRO UNIT: CLASS 1 - African History: The Missing Pages of World History
INTRO UNIT : CLASS 2 - The Miseducation of the Negro
INTRO UNIT: CLASS 3 - The Psychological Effects of Racism on Blacks and Whites
INTRO UNIT: CLASS 4 - The Struggle Continues...The Ongoing Battle Against Racist Propaganda In Public Schools