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The Standing on the Shoulders of Giants "Teach & Learn" Black History Curriculum​​

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Unit 3: The African Holocaust (Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade) (1502 – 1860s)

Unit 3, Class 6: The Haitian Revolution (1791 – 1804)

Map of Haiti

Video: Haiti: The Untold Story - THIS IS WHY HAITI POOR

STUDY QUESTIONS (also in Study Guide)

What are two of the main reasons Haiti emerged from the Revolution poor?
When and how much in today's dollars did France make Haiti pay as reparations to the slavemasters they overthrew?
What direct impact did these reparations payments have on the Haitian economy and society? How is this relevant today?
What other European powers threatened to invade Haiti after the Revolution?
When did the United States recognize Haitian independence?
How did the United States contribute to the disruption of the Haitian economy?

“Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen” 
How does the “Declaration of the Rights of Man” define freedom? 
Which passages do you think inspired the Haitian Revolution and why?