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The Standing on the Shoulders of Giants "Teach & Learn" Black History Curriculum​​

Specially designed for Parents, Teachers, Homeschool, or Independent Study, grades 5+

Where Black
History Lives!​

Unit 7: Reconstruction & Post Reconstruction (1865 - 1935)

Class 3: Race & Popular Culture: The History of the Coon, Mammy, Pickaninny & Sambo

Video Excerpt: Ethnic Notions by California Newsreel​​

Discussion Questions

  • In the opening book, ABCs for Dixie, describe the appearance of the Black characters. What were their occupations?

  • If you were a child reading this book or having it read to you, what conclusion would you make about Black people?

  • ​Describe the language used in the story. Was it "proper" or "standard" English? What is the significance of the dialect used in the book?

  • What are some of the stereotypes displayed in the “Lazy Town” cartoon?

  • Who were these racists caricatures of Black people created for? Why were they created? ​