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The Standing on the Shoulders of Giants "Teach & Learn" Black History Curriculum​​

Specially designed for Parents, Teachers, Homeschool, or Independent Study, grades 5+

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History Lives!​

Intro Unit: The Politics of Education - Enlightenment or Propaganda?

Intro Unit, Class 1: African History  – The Missing Pages Of World History

Word Association!

To what extent have you absorbed propaganda and stereotypes about different races? How powerful is propaganda and stereotypes? To find out, we will play a short game called Word Association.

Instructions: Write each word below on a chalk board of piece of paper. For each word, write down the first words that come to your mind. 

Connotations of "Black"
Black Sheep - defined as an outcast of a group.

Black Plague - name given to the Bubonic plague that nearly whiped out half of Europe in the 14th century.

​Black Lie - refers to the worse type of lie, unlike a harmless "white" lie.

Black hearted - describes an evil person.

Black Market - refers to an illegal, underground economy.

Black List/ Black Balled - means to be boycotted from an industry.

Black Mail - is the immoral act of extorting someone for money.

Black is associated with death and grief.

Black Cats are bad luck.​

​Bad guys wear black.


What do your answers reveal? For many students, the answers to the words related to Africa and the word "Black" will be negative due to the negative propaganda and stereotypes that have been spread about Africa, people of African descent, and the word Black itself.

Conversely, many students will have positive responses to the word European and "White" due to the positive propaganda that has been spread about Europe and the word "White." And while many words associated with the word "Asian" may be racial jokes, many students will also have positive words about Asians, namely that they are smart and stick together.

For the last word, Neanderthal, most students will have negative associations. Most will say, "dumb, Cave man, etc." Virtually no one will have positive associations with the word Neanderthals. This will become very significant in Unit 1: Class 2 of the Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Black history curriculum.
The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate the power of propaganda. Propaganda against Africa and people of African descent is so pervasive that the mere mention of the words Africa, African, or Black inspire negative feelings. Yet the very mention of the words White and European invoke positive feelings. Do you think this is on purpose or coincidental? Why or why not?


Connotations of "White"
A White Knight​ is a hero.

A White Lie is a harmless lie, unlike a "black" lie.

White represents the color of purity.

White represents the color of Angels.

Jesus is depicted as White.
"Black" in Ancient Kemet/Egypt
In ancient Egypt the color of black was held in the highest regards. The very name of ancient Egypt is Kemet, which means land of the Blacks. In ancient Kemet/Egypt, the color black was reserved strictly for the gods. Only gods and pharoahs, when they were representing gods, were allowed to be painted all black. The rich delta soil of the Nile was also black, which was also honored. Above is queen Ahmose-Nefertari being depicted as a goddess.